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Pachara is a Bangkok based singer/songwriter whose innovative sounds are the results of 90’s R&B bling, intricate harmonies and experimental trap flares. His lyrics act as a gateway to his very own empire of today’s hidden insecurities and unspoken truths, with missions to universally empower silenced individuals and to acknowledge hardships fearlessly.

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Pachara has spent the past 6 years developing his craft. He moved to New York after graduating with a performing arts degree from Berklee College of Music, and met PaprTape, a Brooklyn based producer, through a mutual friend.

PaprTape works with Phillip Glass for his ensemble as a producer and engineer alongside Michael Riesman, a world renowned music director and record producer. Meanwhile, Pachara has performed alongside Melonie Daniels, whose resume includes work with Mariah Carey as a chief background vocalist, vocal director, and vocal arranger.

Merging the style of R&B with analog sounds, they aim to create the warmth from their music that reaches people’s souls.